Where Am I?

This is the documentation section of If you're not sure how to begin modding Persona games, or you need step-by-step instructions on specific tasks, you're in the right place.


The directions featured here assume that you have the following:
  • A PC running a modern Windows OS (8 or higher).
  • Hardware capable of running modern PC games or running emulation software. OR A game console capable of being modified with custom firmware.

Supported Games/Platforms

Supported Procedures

Future Plans

Much of this documentation is already partially present, but still under heavy construction. It still lacks the following information:
  • Messagescript: (Message Variables)
  • Flowscript: (Arrays, Enums, Loops, Conditionals, Functions, Importing Files, Menus, Library Functions, Examples)
  • Mod Support: (SMT3, P4G, CFB, new PC/Switch ports of P3P/P4G)
See the trello card for for a full list of planned future documentation.