Where Am I?

This is the documentation section of ShrineFox.com. If you're not sure how to begin modding Persona games, you're in the right place. While you can find blog post style step-by-step tutorials in the guides section, you can think of these docs as a more generalized handbook.
You're meant to be able to jump around as you search for information, kind of like a wiki page. Complete beginners are encouraged to read each section from beginning to end.
This is still under heavy construction. As such, it hasn't been linked on the site yet. The documentation still lacks the following information:
  • Messagescript Message Variables
  • Flowscript Arrays, Enums, Loops, Conditionals, Functions, Importing Files, Menus, Library Functions
  • Installing Mod Support
  • Using Mod Managers
  • Using Cheats & Save Editors
  • Rigging & Importing Custom Models/Animations
  • Replacing 2D Assets
  • Replacing Embedded Particle Models
  • Replacing Vector Graphics Replacing Music/Sounds
  • Replacing Animated Cutscenes
  • Editing Events
  • Editing Map Triggers/NPCs

Getting Started

Since right now only the flowscript section is partially complete, read from the beginning:
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Where Am I?
Getting Started