🚧Manually Installing Switch Mods

Creating a CPK without using a Mod Manager - Updated 10/24/22

This is an outdated method of installing mods, written before Aemulus Package Manager was updated to support P5R Switch. These instructions are still included for those who rely on the original workflow.

Follow the steps on the Persona 5 Royal (Switch) Mod Support page to obtain the ALL_USEU.CPK and PATCH1.CPK files.

The game considers the root of each .CPK to be the same folder. PATCH1.CPK has higher load priority, since it's meant to override anything that needs to be updated. We can extract and then rebuild PATCH1.CPK with our modded files inside.

  1. Download CriPakGUI-P5R.7z and extract with 7-zip.

  2. Open ALL_USEU.CPK and click the Extract Files button to unpack the files to a folder. The program may appear to freeze, this is normal. Please be patient as this can take a very long time.

  3. Do the same with the PATCH1.CPK.

You can think of ALL_USEU.CPK and PATCH1.CPK like zip folders. They are compressed, so once unpacked, the contents become much larger. The unpacked files end up being about 35 GB in total, so make sure you have enough space free on your hard drive.

  1. Download and extract CpkMaker.zip to the directory containing your unpacked .CPK folders.

  2. Drag the PATCH1.CPK_unpacked folder onto CPK.bat to build a new PATCH1.CPK containing your modded files.

  3. Transfer the new PATCH1.CPK to the directory matching your target platform. Switch: sdmc:/atmosphere/contents/01005CA01580E000/romfs/CPK RyujiNX: /Ryujinx/mods/contents/01005CA01580E000/romfs/CPK Yuzu: /yuzu/load/01005CA01580E000/ModName/romfs/CPK

Be sure to match the directory structure of the extracted .CPK. On Switch, there's one extra thing to consider: the root of the BASE.CPK contains two folders, BASE and EN. But you can actually substitute either one with a folder called PATCH1 and the files will still be loaded. For instance, if you're editing a file in the ALL_USEU.CPK_unpacked/EN/INIT/ folder, copy it to your PATCH1.CPK_unpacked/PATCH1/INIT folder.

Replacement files/folders can be uppercase or lowercase, it doesn't matter since the game loads them either way! Just make sure the .CPK filename is all uppercase.

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