🎩P5R Mods on Switch Console (CFW)

P5R Mods on Switch console using Atmosphere

Using Custom Firmware

Although it is technically possible for Nintendo to detect Custom Firmware usage via online telemetry, there is no precedent for banwaves related to simply using CFW. You would need to pirate games, install homebrew launchers as homescreen apps, or cheat in online games in order to get your console/account banned.

In order to load modified files on console, we need to be running a custom firmware. All that's needed is:

  1. A compatible Nintendo Switch console. Not all Switch units are compatible with current methods of booting CFW, due to the hardware exploit being patched. Most units sold before the release of Splatoon 2 are exploitable.

  2. Files from the latest Atmosphere release .zip on your Switch's SD card. Make sure to only update your console if there's a compatible Atmosphere release for the latest firmware, or you will lose the ability to load mods for the time being.

  3. A safe way to send the payload, such as a jig. In order to perform the exploit, the Switch must be booted into RCM mode. This special mode allows you to send a "payload" over USB-C, which we can use to launch CFW. To access this mode, Pin 4 on the right-hand side joycon rail must be shorted out while the console is fully turned off, and Power + Volume Up is pressed.

The joycon rail pins are difficult to see, and shorting out the wrong pins will result in permanently damaging your console, so it's best to use a 3D-printed mold that slides into the joycon slot securely. It is not recommended to use a paper clip or tinfoil, or other such methods.

You will know that you have entered RCM mode when the Nintendo logo doesn't show up when you tap the Power button. If you connect the console to your PC via a USB-C, it should make a noise indicating a device was plugged in.

Launching CFW via RCM

The first time you plug your console in while in RCM mode, it won't be recognized properly, so the correct drivers won't be loaded.

  1. Download and run Zadig.

  2. Select the device listed as "APX." If you don't see it in the dropdown, click "Options" at the top and check "List All Devices."

  3. Change the box on the right to libusbK and click "Install Driver."

Now that the driver is installed, you can follow these next steps each time you want to play the game with mods. CFW will remain applied until the next time the console reboots or shuts down.

  1. Download and run TegraRcmGUI.

  2. Select the fusee.bin file downloaded from the latest Atmosphere release.

  3. Send the payload. The program should show if it was successful, and you'll see the Atmosphere logo light up on the Switch.

Transferring Files

Atmosphere CFW includes built-in LayeredFS support, meaning files in the SD card's /atmosphere/contents/01005CA01580E000/romfs/CPK folder get loaded automatically while the game is running, instead of the original files.

Removing the SD card will require you to reboot the Switch, and therefore repeat the steps to enter RCM mode and send the payload over USB. To avoid doing that, keep your Switch in sleep mode rather than powering it off. If you want to change the files on your SD card, you can do it wirelessly via FTP homebrew.

To set up FTP...

  1. Download ftpd.nro and place it in the /switch/ folder of your SD card.

  2. On PC, install a program such as Filezilla.

  3. Connect your Switch to the same network as your PC.

  4. Launch the FTP-D homebrew via the Album icon on the home menu.

  5. Simply enter the IP and port shown onscreen in your client and connect to begin transferring files.

Dumping Files

In order to create your own mods, or merge existing mods using a Mod Manager, you'll want a copy of the game's files. The files are about 15 GB in total, so make sure you have enough space free on your SD card.

  1. Download nxdumptool.nro and place it in the /switch/ folder of your SD card.

  2. Launch the NXDumpTool homebrew via the Album icon on the home menu.

  3. Select P5R and dump RomFS content to SD card. This can take quite some time.

  4. Once the files are dumped, copy them to PC.

  5. If the ALL_USEU.CPK file was split up due to the SD Card being formatted as FAT32...

    1. Download and run HxD.

    2. Go to Tools > File Tools > Concatenate

    3. Select each of the files in the ALL_USEU.CPK folder and make sure they're listed in order

    4. Save the ALL_USEU.CPK file somewhere on your PC.

    This also applies to the .NSP if you're dumping the game for emulation.

Installing Mods

See the following section for mod installation directions.

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