🎩P5R Switch Mods on PC Emulator (Yuzu/RyujiNX)

P5R Switch Mods on PC using RyujiNX or Yuzu

Getting Required Files

In order to run the game on a PC emulator, you will need the following files:

Due to copyright and the potential for piracy, these cannot be provided directly, but you can either search online or dump them yourself from your Switch console.

Dumping Keys

See Launching CFW via RCM for how to access RCM mode and launch a payload.

Dumping the NSP/XCI

See Launching CFW via RCM for how to boot into CFW and launch homebrew.

  1. Download nxdumptool.nro and place it in the /switch/ folder of your SD card.

  2. Launch the NXDumpTool homebrew via the Album icon on the home menu.

  3. Select P5R and dump as an .NSP file to SD card. This can take quite some time. Make sure you have an extra 15 GB of space available on the SD.

  4. If the .NSP file was split up due to the SD Card being formatted as FAT32...

    1. Download and run HxD.

    2. Go to Tools > File Tools > Concatenate

    3. Select each of the files in the NSP folder and make sure they're listed in order.

    4. Save the .NSP file somewhere on your PC.

Setting up your Emulator

  1. Download RyujiNX or Yuzu, and extract with 7-zip.

  2. Follow the Setup & Configuration Guide for RyujiNX, or the Quickstart Guide and FAQ for Yuzu, which cover...

    1. How to add your keys to the emulator

    2. How to install the firmware

    3. How to load the game + any updates

    4. How to add mods to the game

Extracting Files

In order to create your own mods, or merge existing mods using a Mod Manager, you'll want a copy of the game's files. The files are about 15 GB in total, so make sure you have enough space free.

  1. Go to Options > Settings > General and add the directory containing your P5R .NSP or .XCI to the Game Directories list.

  2. Right click the game in the list and choose Extract Data > RomFS.

  3. Please be patient as this can take a very long time!

Installing Mods

See the following section for mod installation directions.

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