Run via GUI

Using the Compiler with AtlusScriptCompilerGUI

AtlusScriptCompilerGUI is a Graphical User Interface (GUI) made by ShrineFox for ease of use when (de)compiling.

  1. Download the GUI from this link (under where it says Assets).

  2. When the .zip has finished downloading, right click and choose Extract All.

  3. Move the files to the location of your AtlusScriptCompiler.exe.

  4. Double-click AtlusScriptCompilerGUI.exe to run it.

  5. If AtlusScriptCompiler.exe is found, the form will open.

  6. Choose the game you'll be working with from the dropdown.


To (de)compile, drag and drop files onto the corresponding buttons of the form. With the checkboxes, you can toggle...

  • Hooking. It doesn't hurt to leave this on by default.

  • Displaying the log. This is useful for diagnosing errors.

  • Disassembling. Off by default, useful for reverse engineers when a script fails to (de)compile.

  • Overwriting. When on, the output will look something like rather than therefore overwriting any file with that name that may already exist.

  • SumBits is enabled by default when decompiling. This simplifies mathematical expressions automatically.


By now, you know all the basics of using AtlusScriptCompiler. You're ready to get familiar with Messagescript!


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