About TGE's human-readable .BF approximation

Did you know? The name "Flowscript" comes from the magic string (first 4 bytes) of a.BF file, which spells out "FLW0".

Flowscript (.FLOW) is the human-readable script you get by Decompiling a .BF file using AtlusScriptCompiler. Designed by TGE, it features syntax similar to C, which many users experienced with object-oriented programming should find familiar.

Again-- This guide is geared toward complete beginners. By the end, you should be able to easily create your own scripts, even if you've never programmed before.


You can create a .FLOW file from scratch by renaming a new text file.

You may need to make Windows display known file extensions in order to change the .TXT extension to.FLOW.

You can also Decompile an existing .BF script to .FLOW, or vice versa by Compiling.

Read on to learn more about what comprises a Flowscript.

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